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Have you tried the new unagi place @uya_sg ? I did and I love it! More than Man Man? Well Yes! 😍 . Uya's decor is a tad modern with a notably more discreet kitchen (compared to Man Man's) and they do not provide freshly grated wasabi, but I love their eels! I had their unagi and grilled eel on salt and liked them both! In fact, @mister_good_sg who used to dislike unagi has become a fan since trying Uya! . The eels here are sufficiently charred (but not overly) so we get eels that have zero sliminess plus smoky and crispy skin minus the bitterness. Some commented that their eel was a little dry but I found mine alright. . Here, the grilled eels on salt have their salt served by the side so we can adjust the amount we need. But frankly, I find that the eel is nice enough on its own. Unagi is fantastic because the tare used is just right for me; not too sweet, not too salty and not too sticky. Overall, the flavours here are more subtle so if you are one who prefer stronger flavours, Man Man might work better for you. . And, service is another winner here! The polite Japanese waitress had a genuine smile on all the time. She also took our order while squatting down so that she spoke to us at eye level instead of looking down at us. Somehow this gesture made me feel very pampered and reminded me of the service I received in Japan. 😍 Best of all, there was no queue on a weekday night and Uya takes reservations!!! . Where to find this? Uya Unagi Restaurant 📍 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place 02-15, S238880 . ⏱ Daily: Lunch- 11.30am to 3pm (LO 2.30pm), Dinner- 6pm to 10pm (LO 9.30pm) . 💲Shirayaki (Grilled Eel with salt), Small: S$23++, Rice S$2++ 💲Hitsumabushi (Unagi 3 ways), Medium: S$35++ . @eataduckymas Thanks for the awesome recommendation! . #unagi #eels #eel #grilledeel #grilledfish #myfavouritefood #ilovefish #fishlover #うなぎ #鰻
Feb 03, 2018