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the gyu bar stevens, the gyu bar, the gyu bar 30 stevens road

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If you love a good meal over quality beef + sake, then you may want to head over to The Gyu Bar at Dine at Steven’s. Featured Beef Salad (swipe for more photo) is a refreshing appetizer to start your night - I absolutely love it! . Apart from this sleek restaurant, you can also dine at 10 other options at this elegant premise, such as: * Blue Lotus - cosy chic restaurant serving avant-garde Chinese Cuisine * Curry Gardenn - serves authentic Indian cuisine (no coconut milk is added!) * Food Exchange (2F Novotel) - taste both asian and international flavours all in 1 place * Fudebar - gourmet cafe serving artisanal coffee, tea, pastries & more * In Piazza Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria - serves artisanal Italian pizzas and pastas * L’Apéritif - perfect for a classy afternoon tea or great night chillout * Long Beach - premium seafood restaurant which specializes in crabs, lobsters & more * PapaRich - flagship restaurant of this casual dining group serving asian flavours * Pool Bar - perfect spot to unwind by the pool * Winestone - modern European cuisine, late-night bar and wine retail all in 1 . =============== 📍Dine at Stevens 28 Stevens Road (S) 257878 =============== . . . Thank you @affluencepr @dineatstevens for the invite. #dineatstevens #european #italian #asian #japanese #chinese #beef #wagyu #salad #sushi #pasta #pizza #shrimps #seafood #meat #tea #coffee #foodsg #sgfood #instasg #foodiesg #sgfoodie #sgcafe #cafesg #instatravel #foodiegram #burpple #wishuponatart_eats
Oct 04, 2018
Yakiniku (part of 10 Course Omakase at $138/pax). All of us loved the omakase during that evening's tasting at this yakiniku restaurant at Dine At Stevens, that I immediately booked another slot to return with my wife as a paying customer. 🔸 This is a beef-centric omakase menu with a wide variety of hot and cold dishes including their premium house signatures. Seated over the sleek bar counter, we had a taste of the luxurious 10-course meal in close company with the chefs as they work their magic on the grill right in front of us. 🔸 This is what we had for the omakase: 1. Amuse Bouche: Truffled Edamame, Assorted Namurul (Edamame, Marinated Bean Sprouts, House Made Leek Kimchi) 2. House Signature: Uni Yukke Cone (Fresh Japanese Uni, Beef Tartare, Waffle Cone) 3. Cold Starter: Rib Finger Salad (Beef Slices, Cucumber, Chef’s Special Dressing) 4. Hot Starter: Truffled Chicken Somen (Boneless Chicken Thigh, Truffled Mushroom Puree, Somen) 5. Chef’s Daily Special: Scallop Croquette (Lightly Breaded Hokkaido Scallop, Uni Sauce) 6. Yakiniku (5 beef, 1 pork, pictured for 7 pax): which included Wagyu Tongue, Top Round Rosu, Chuck Rib Karubi, Shoulder Clod Misuji, Rib Eye, and Pork Neck Tontoro). 7. House Signature (hot): Yaki Shabu (Thin Sliced Sirloin, Japanese egg yolk, black truffles, sukiyaki sauce, rice ball) 8. Rice: Ishiyaki Beef Fat Fried Rice 9. Soup: Clear Beef Soup 10. Dessert: Yuzu Sorbet or Truffle Salt Ice Cream 🔸🔸 [Invited] #foodphotography #fujifilm #burpple #eatoutsg #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #japanesefoodsg #sgig #restaurantsg #wagyubeef #burpplesg #晩ごはん #夕ご飯 #夜ごはん #おうちごはん #うち飲み #和牛 #和食 #gyubarsg #wagyu #yakiniku
Justin Teo
Jan 03, 2019