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A brand new approach to Singapore’s favourite chicken rice. Try to taste the difference!

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Fancy your chicken rice to be consistently tasty? ❤️😍👍 Look no further -- the newest entrant to the crowded chicken rice space is set to rock your tastebuds. 👍 The owner has spent 10 years perfecting the recipe and, using the latest technology, has created & PATENTED a machine that will cook the birds with just a click of a button (with preset settings). 🙀😍 What results is that the birds are super tender, juicy, and flavorful!!! ❤️😍 Every time, all the time. Simply incredible. No longer will a restaurant live & die by its chef -- the owner even intends to bring Roost overseas (Hong Kong please!) as the machine is easy to replicate. • 🐔Family Platter (for 4, $48.80) - serving up Yin Yang chicken both roasted and white. This is the star for me!!!! 💖 I couldn't stop dipping the delectable chicken into the phenomenal chili btw!!! I want to buy the chili!!!! Oh, and it comes with shiok chicken chawanmushi too haha. 💜 🐔Chicken Sushi ($4.90) - oh boy!! These were super yummy!! The chicken was well-marinated & popping one into my mouth gave me much satisfaction! 👍 🐔Crispy Chicken Rice Balls ($4.90) -- the chicken rice arancini! Another winner!!! 🐔Chili Crab Dip ($5.90) -- chunks of crabmeat make this a yummy crowd pleaser. I prefer my chili crab sauce spicier, but this is still a decent version which should make most happy. 😊 🐔Tom Yam Fried Rice ($8.90) -- this was FANTASTIC. The chicken is slightly different as it's marinated in a zesty lemon vinaigrette! Totally works!! ❤️️ 🐔Chicken Laksa ($7.90) - whilst tasty, it didn't particularly wow me. Nevertheless, I tucked into the broth lustily. Haha I'm just greedy! Most people will like this lah! ❤️️ • Thank you for hosting me, @roost.singapore ! 🙏🏼😊 The staff were friendly and professional! Can't ask for more! 👍 #yum #yummy #yumscrums #chickenrice #sgeats #sgfoodies #singapore #sgig #hkig #sgfood #foodporn #instasg #burpple #vsco #vscocam #vscofood #vscogood #nomnom #feast #laksa #chicken #sushi
Sam, The Hungry Hongaporean
Dec 07, 2016
With Christmas in two days, this is not a post about food per se, but about love. This photo was taken by Mum yesterday. Dad had a nasty fall a week ago and tore his right knee tendons, causing him to be in great pain and unable to walk. So he had to be stuck at home, and I couldn't bring them to Roost to try their healthy chicken rice (it's true; the rice only has 500 calories after the owner,Alson, tweaked the recipe). Dad was bummed out. • Alson, upon hearing this, offered several times to deliver some food to my Dad; a super nice gesture which I rejected each time... because we could not accept his generous gesture. Eventually, his sincerity and persistence melted our hearts and this was delivered to my parents' door-step yesterday. • You can's a feast. My parents were extremely touched. We are not related to Alson, nor did we request for this; he was someone I met one time when I reviewed Roost for the first time. • Alson is not asking for any brownie points; he genuinely wanted to cheer my Dad up, lift his spirits, and nourish his body with delicious food. Alson did not request for me to post anything or ask for any adulation or gratitude. He simply wanted to extend his love and concern to my parents WHOM HE HAS NEVER MET. In his text, he wrote "Food is meant to be shared. Life is alot more than just money." • Mum took this picture to show me, and texted (verbatim, mistakes & all): "V tasty. Steam & Black sauce chicken v nice. Rice, soup ,ginger & veg also nice. Packaging using paper not plastic type containers." • So Alson, I know you didn't ask for this; but beyond merely THANKING YOU for your kind heart and generosity, I want to let you know you made two folks very happy. And more than that, I want others to know what kind of man you are. Someone who didn't need me to do anything -- just someone who extended his kindness to strangers. And through your example, I will pay it forward. • So this Christmas, folks, let's not focus on the commercial aspect and frivolity of it all. Perhaps let us extend our love to one another, regardless of race, language, religion, sexual orientation. ❤️ we are all brothers & sisters. Merry Christmas🙏🏼💖
Sam, The Hungry Hongaporean
Dec 23, 2016