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🎶I don’t know who you are~ but you must be some kind of SOUPerstar~🎶 . Using #BurppleBeyond, we enjoyed a 3-course set meal for $55++ at Pasta Brava which was quite worth it! ✔ Stay tuned for my review on the mains & desserts! 😉 First, the starters! . I picked the Bisque Di Astice Piccante Specialita Dello Chef (Chef's Special Lobster Bisque, $13.50++), which I felt was the right choice. 💕 The usual lobster bisque I see is of an orangey-yellow hue, but this rendition was surprisingly red - with flavours just as intense. ⭐⭐⭐ While I would have preferred a thicker consistency, its full-blown umami more than made up for that. 💯 Liked that it tasted less creamy than usual bisque, which made it more surfeiting. 👍🏻 Be warned that there is some of that seafood fishiness, which was acceptable to me though. . Dip the homemade bread into the robust-tasting soup to soak up all the essence, or simply dip a little olive oil available at the side to break down its tough defense. Definitely whet my appetite & got me hyped up for the mains that await. 😋😋😋 . Mushroom soup is hard to go wrong but also hard to impress. Sadly, this Vellutata Di Funghi (Cream of Mushroom, $11++) at Pasta Brava fell short of my expectations. 😢 . I really looked forward to a broth that was bursting with earthy flavours mushrooms, but unfortunately I felt the taste was too mellow & not rich enough. Perhaps the lobster bisque I had earlier has set the bar too high! 😂 The smooth & velvety consistency was good 👍🏻, although I would have liked if they included some mushroom bits for layering of textures & a better mouthfeel.
Apr 04, 2019
🎶You drive me CRAYzy, I just can’t sleep~ I’m so excited, I’m in too deep~🎶 . When this plate of Spaghetti Al Cartoccio Del Barcarolo Alla Marinara ($27.50++) was served, it really did almost drive me CRAYzy! 🤩🤩🤩 Just look at the 3 halves of huge crayfish that lay atop the pile of spaghetti! As a carbs lover, this looked like heaven to me. 💯 . Featuring spaghetti with crayfish, garlic, herbs & tomato sauce served in parchment paper, this was quite a crowd-pleaser. 💕 I like tomato-based pasta & this rendition certainly is a good one. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 . The sauce was the real deal - lots of tomato puree was used instead of watery tomato sauce, which explains the natural sweetness with a tinge of sour that made the starchy dish a refreshing one. 😋😋😋 The addition of garlic slices made the mix an irresistibly aromatic one. ✔ . The spaghetti was done al-dente, springy with a firm bite - so yummy on its own when coated with the tomato sauce! ⭐ Somehow, the accompanying ingredients did not match up. Albeit looking pretty big in size, the crayfish meat was meagre & while having a firm texture, I could not taste any natural seafood sweetness at all. 😢 . To me, it was the sauce & spaghetti that really carried the dish. 🤤 You can choose to add $8 to switch to truffle cream sauce but I personally felt that this tomato base works very well. 1-for-1 3-course meal using #BurppleBeyond makes this a worthwhile deal! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Apr 06, 2019