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So, Heidsieck & Co Monopole is one of the world’s oldest & most legendary champagnes (apparently the 2nd largest champagne house too)! 🍾 This ‘Gout Americain’ bottle is the same label that sank with the Titanic in 1912 & the Jonkoping in 1916. 😮 So this label has a lot of history. One can enjoy a glass of this recreated ‘Gout Americain’ only at ATLAS, for $16/glass or $120/bottle, for today 20 Oct. Otherwise, it’s $170/bott usually. • Or...... if your purse strings feel looser than usual, or if you simply wanted to impress your date (yes you big spender you), you could pay S$190,000 (YES. I AM NOT KIDDING) for an actual bottle that went down with the Jonkoping in 1916 & then subsequently salvaged in 1998. 😱 It seems they salvaged 3000 bottles! The rigid freezing cold waters, pitch-black darkness, and water pressure ensured that all 3000 bottles are still drinkable today, even after 82 years. ATLAS has 3 such original bottles from the 1916 wreckage; so yes, you’re drinking a piece of history, y’all!!!! 👍💛🤗 The ‘Gout Americain’ is less sweet than the original Heidsieck & Co Monocle label; it’s crisp and really REALLY easy to drink ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 • So head on over to ATLAS and have a glass of legacy, and experience what the people on board the Titanic were drinking (only Rose could drink it, poor Jack couldn’t... 😥 RIP Jack). Hahaha I kid. But seriously, you could transport yourself back to the days of the Titanic, and the decor of ATLAS could easily be the set of the Titanic. What a perfect location for an awesome champagne 👍😍 • • • #yum #yummy #champagne #bubbles #delicious #history #titanic #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscofood #instasg #burpple #ATLAS #heidsick #sgig #hkig #AtasAtATLAS #SGfoodies
Sam, The Hungry Hongaporean
Oct 20, 2018