Munch is 'The Guy'

The one you call when you need the perfect dinner spot. The fellow you text to ask where the absolute best chicken rice stall is to settle the score with your friends. The type of foodie that can launch into detail about all the places you’d never thought to try or simply point you to the perfect hole-in-the-wall to satisfy your cravings.

Munch is the person who you know - knows.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Munch is to put food in front of you so quickly that it’ll make your Grandma jealous.

Sorry, Grandma

Our Mission

Our Mission at Munch is to help anyone find the perfect place to have a hearty meal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having dinner with your lover or your Labrador retriever, we’ll find you a place so good you’d think we’ve been quietly watching you eat for years.

Talk to Us

Food and conversations go well just like cheese and wine do. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you simply want to grab a meal with us.