Nikolai Wee (@Nikolai_wee)

Nikolai Wee
Aug 25, 2019

Nikolai makes convincing pitches to clients as a sales manager and does the exact same to followers of his Instagram with his stunning food photos. He can afford to chow down on all this food as he's also an avid marathoner. What keeps him going on his food journey is the love of food and being able to share these experiences with others. Nikolai strongly believes that food connects people and encourages others to get out there to try new flavours and meet the people behind them.

When you started, did you create an elaborate plan or was it very casual?

It was casual as want to share my foods experience with friends, family & followers.

Do you have any inspirations you look to for your content?

[What gives me inspiration is] Hope, friends, that followers love my food photo & hope one day can reach 1 millions followers. Misstamchiak is also an inspiration.

What are your top 3 favourite dishes and which place served it best?

1. Chicken Rice - Boon's Chicken Rice

2. Japanese Food - Sushi Jiro

3.Thai Food - Coca Restaurant

If you had to choose one dish to eat everyday, what would it be?

Chicken rice , as is simple dishes yet delicious especially paired well with good chili sauce & Black soya sauce . Can eat island wide spore .

What advice do you have for those who might want to start food blogging or Instagramming?

Be curious of foods, love foods & be humble to try different foods.

Where can people find out more about you?

Instagram: Nikolai_wee

Sushi Jiro

Nikolai Wee