The Best Liu Sha Bao (Golden Custard Bun) in Singapore

Aug 25, 2019

Think of dim sum and most recall har gao, siew mai, char siew bao and perhaps egg tarts but few would think of the liu sar (or sha) bao, until they bite into to one piping hot, runny salted egg custard filling oozing out of the bun. Our content partners however, have not forgotten their enjoyable experience and love affair for this bun-dle of joy.

In this article, we feature our content partners' shots of this mouthwatering delicacy -the Liu Sha Bao, and what they have to say about their best dim sum experience in Singapore, ever!

Dim Sum Haus

Let's start off with Dr Leslie Tay from and his article on Dim Sum Haus featured titled "Dim Sum Haus: Good and reasonably priced dim sum".


This was written about the liu sha bao (or liu sar bao), rated 4.5 out of 5 by

"The highlight of the whole meal was, undoubtedly, their liu sar bao. This oozy confectionery has always been instagram worthy but they brought it up another level by adding a crunchy cookie dough on top! So it’s like the offspring of papa polo bao and mama liu sar bao! They still insist on using real salted egg yolks for the filling, so its not just eye candy but has a good depth of flavour!"

Alainlicious rated the baked salted egg custard bun (liu sha bao) as the best dim sum dish at Dim Sum Haus, with its generous filling and creamy molten salted egg yolk (yums!).

"Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun ($4.80+) is the bomb! This one stands out because of its baked crust, which I really, really love. The interior was molten and runny, and so full of salted egg yolk creaminess! It was not too sweet as well. Be careful when biting into it because the filling is so generous that it will flow/squirt out no matter how you eat it! This is so good that I will return just for this dish!" - @alainlicious

Credit: on Dim Sum Haus

@jonnyboyeats puts the question to rest and affirms Dim Sum Haus' has the best Liu Sha Bao so far. Shiok! He says!

"The buns here are baked (which is similar to Tim Ho Wan’s BBQ pork buns except it is filled with salted egg custard here instead), giving the crust a crispy doughy texture. And who can resist those delicious overflowing salted egg custard filling as you break the bun. Shiok!" - @jonnyboyeats

Credit: @jonnyboyeats

We featured Dim Sum Haus' other popular dim sum dishes from our content partners below:

Tim Ho Wan

The famous Tim Ho Wan dim sum restaurant has to be included in this list for its unique sesame salted egg custard bun. This dish is truly unique and is one of the must haves for Tim Ho Wan's customers.

Credit: @timhowansg

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Better known for its Hong Kong cafe style desserts like sesame paste with glutinous rice balls, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert offers affordable custard buns that are pretty tasty too!

Credit: @hongkongshengkeeid

The Dim Sum Place

We specially featured the Dim Sum Place for its variation of this popular dish, called the Pandan Liu Sha Bao.

@iamyuxiang says "why settle for the original when you can get the pandan 流沙包?" We fully agree!


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