Nex Halal Food, Our 5 Top Picks

Aug 25, 2019

Munch features the top picks for halal food in Nex Mall, Serangoon Central area following our recent feature of recommended restaurants in Nex and healthy food and salad options at Nex. This time round, we will feature in depth our top 5 halal picks - Tuk Tuk Cha, Ayam Penyet President, So Pho and Penang Culture, healthy halal take away from Stuff'd, and lastly provide a directory of the other halal restaurants and food kiosks available to you at Nex Mall.

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First up are the healthy options to kick things off (or get them out of the way...) with the good stuff, or Stuff'd rather, at basement 2-47A. This Mexican food kiosk may easily go unnoticed among the many eateries at Nex but it is unique enough for us to do a feature, and these are the reasons why!

Credits: @fudcrazy #stuffedsg

Do not worry! This is a starter with a vegan/vegetarian option before we load up on proteins. Stuff'd (or Stuffed in case I interchangeably use them both) is a healthy and halal option to get the body energized and fit to power through the day. For those who fancy some salmon with the salad, this is highly recommended.

Credits: @colewalks #stuffedsg

The presentation is simple, clean and tidy. The packaging is also filled (yes to the brim) so it looks (and is) value for money. Besides healthy salads, there is also the choice of carbohydrates Mexican style.

Our Munch content partner Ivan Teh rates Stuffed a 10 of 10 for value for money and 8 for its food (overall is a 6 due to service and ambience). For an average price of $8, Stuffed serves large, hearty portions and delicious halal-certified burritos, kebabs, and bowls made with fresh natural ingredients of your choice and has drawn large crowds since it started. However it is a takeaway food kiosk with no seats. So do take that into consideration when you are on your way to Nex for your healthy-halal lunch!

From Ivan Teh Running Man in his 2016 review of the outlet at City Square: "Part of the appeal is watching the staff build your meal, and the long queues in front of the stalls only get longer when you walk by and smell the appetizing aroma of grilled meat."


Ivan's order of chicken kebab with hummus, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions on mayonnaise, credits to Ivan Teh RunningMan from the article "Stuff'd"

Moving up from B2 (and the healthy stuff) to L2 is halal Thai food and drinks restaurant Tuk Tuk Cha, recommended for its tom yum seafood soup, olive fried rice, fried omelette, milk tea, and shibuya toast.

Credit: @tuktukcha Shibuya Toast

Indeed Tuk Tuk Cha was the only restaurant featured twice in the Nex food navigator, selected for halal food and also casual cafe/drinks and desserts. Worth trying is the shibuya toast paired with Thai milk tea for those with a penchant for sweet eats. You will get it immediately from the review below.

Credit: @makanranger

On the main (mains) topic, we feature our content partner @nikolai_wee who raves about the green curry being tasty and addictive.

Authentic Thai staples also include tom yum. Here's from another content partner and instagrammer @karhingc who has lots of praise for the right balance of spiciness (heat) and sour taste in the tom yum and generous serving of seafood on the tom yum noodle soup!

Credit: @karhingc

Phua Chiu Yen ( visited and was addicted on yellow rice, specifically Ayam Penyet President's soft, fragrant rice and ayam bakar (grilled chicken) and Gado-Gado (mixed vegetables platter with lettuce, tempeh, ketupat, bean sprouts, potatoes and crackers drizzled with lots of peanut sauce). Here's the spoils from her exploits at the Lucky Plaza outlet. Hence, we selected Ayam Penyet President as one of the top halal places to eat at Nex Mall, Serangoon Central.

Besides the grilled ayam bakar dish, there is the popular ayam penyet (fried smashed chicken) and @darr3n0ng is raring to go at it!

Credit: @darr3n0ng

Picture taking is an art form and we could not resist this picture on the popular tahu telor dish!

Credit: @julct_foodjourney

So Pho so good! The beef, pork and chicken loving Vietnamese has a halal option through Vietnamese food chain So Pho.

Ivan Teh (the RunningMan) reviewed So Pho back in 2014, but his suggestions still hold true. His review is extensive but for a quick read, the summary is to go for the Goi Cuon Summer Rolls with Prawn and Lemongrass Chicken dish, for the savoury and tender grilled chicken tying in with crunchy vegetables and the sweet taste of prawn in the summer roll. Give it a try!

The array of Vietnamese dishes does not stop at just pho (vietnamese noodle soup) so there is a dish for everyone. Do give this unique and halal restaurant a try!

Penang Culture serves up the iconic taste of spicy (get ready for a good kick from this) Penang dishes. The prawn mee (noodle) soup is a must try, but get ready for tissues to pad down the sweat beads! The Penang Lor Mee is another suggested dish but so is the char kway teow, nasi lemak... the list just goes on.

Credit: Rachel Cheng

We featured the top 4 halal destinations and a plus 1 for healthy options but Munch has a pretty comprehensive directory of halal eateries at Nex, Serangoon. These are available in this article, or simply search via the halal tags on Nex page.

We hope you enjoyed this article and have been inspired in your food discovery journey through Munch!

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