Navigating through Restaurants in NEX Mall, Serangoon

Aug 25, 2019

In this article, we seek to categorize the myriad of food destinations and restaurants or food kiosks just so you discover great food at NEX Mall, to suit all your cravings, lifestyle, or specific dietary requirements like vegan meals or halal food, at Serangoon central's NEX shopping mall. We won't be featuring all 149 outlets in the mall, but we will be curating some of our feedback from our content partners, both influencer pictures on instagram as well as food blog content partners and what they have reviewed about these restaurants.

Summary and highlights of food places to eat at NEX Mall, Serangoon

As the article is quite a lengthy piece (approximately 5 to 7 minutes of reading), we have provided a summary for succinct points if you are in a hurry and in dire need of inspiration where and what to eat! We feature Halal restaurants - Tuk Tuk Cha, Ayam Penyet President, So Pho and Penang Culture. Next on the list is Prata Wala and Andersen's of Denmark for cafe (drinks/coffee/tea), Japanese cuisines - Men Men Don Don, Idaten Udon and Kabe No Ana.

Munch also recommends Ministry of Food's Danro Collagen Hotpot Buffet as an affordable and must try buffet all-you-can-eat experience. We feature under the Chinese/Cantonese/Dim Sum restaurant category Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts, Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice, and Old Street BaK Kut Teh at Nex Mall.

Lastly, we picked Taiwanese food kiosk Fried Chicken Master for our featured Western food place. We had featured healthy food places at NEX Mall separately in an article featuring The Soup Spoon Union and Stuff'd (Stuffed) but since they have already been specially featured, we have excluded these for now.

Top 4 Halal destinations at Nex Shopping Mall

1. Tuk Tuk Cha - recommended for its tom yum seafood soup, olive fried rice, fried omelette, milk tea, and shibuya toast

2. Ayam Penyet President - recommended for beef rendang and tahu telor

3. So Pho - recommended for pho, goi cuan summer rolls and beef baguette (banh mi kep bo). For desserts, try the mango glutinous rice if available.

4. Penang Culture - recommended dishes are the Penang staples which are prawn mee, lor mee, fried (char) kway teow.

3 cafe or coffee alternatives at Nex Shopping Mall

We skipped the regular Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Nex, and decided to list alternatives below:

1. Prata Wala - casual place to relax, have a sip of ginger tea (teh halia) or teh tarik together with prata

2. Tuk Tuk Cha (please see above for recommendations)

3. Andersen's of Denmark - recommended for ice creams and waffles, but suggest trying the ice blended mint and ice blended mocha drinks.

3. Japanese cuisines at NEX

1. Idaten Udon (#B1-03) - recommended for its curry, carbonara and mapo base udon

2. Men Men Don Don - recommended ramen dishes are tonkutsu miso and terriyaki chicken ramen

3. Kabe No Ana (#B1-80)- try the mentaiko pasta and there is a wafu spaghetti for everyone at Kabe No Ana

4. Buffet and steamboat / hot pot restaurants at NEX

1. (and only) Danro Collagen Hotpot by Ministry of Food (#02-04/06) - selected for its unique and affordably priced buffet at Nex

5. Top chinese restaurants at NEX

1. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (#B1-46) - staple Cantonese food, wanton noodles and braised pork rice. Golden custard buns and the desserts are good!

2. Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice - chicken rice and braised pork are its signature dishes. This Thai-Chinese chicken rice tastes pretty unique compared to regular Hainanese chicken rice so do give it a try.

3. Old Street Bah Kut Teh - try the pork ribs bak kut soup, you tiao and braised beancurd strip (tau kee). Also serves dry bah kut teh at Old Street.

6. Featured western restaurants at NEX

1. (and only for now) Fried Chicken Master - try the fried chicken breast and drink set

Here's the detailed article on these painstakingly curated restaurants, as reviewed by our dedicated network of content partners on Instagram and their own food blogs. Places to eat have been featured with our pins to Munch food places, so you will easily identify and find them at Nex shopping mall.

1. Halal Food in NEX Mall (halal food directory listing on Munch)

With 30 halal food options are available in NEX, excluding what's available in the food court. NEX shoppers can be spoilt for choice, or simply confused. Hence our effort to curate, inform and suggest options to you.

Check out Tuk Tuk Cha, Ayam Penyet President, So Pho and Penang Culture as our recommendations for halal food destinations at NEX. Here's the listings from Munch for these places.

Tuk Tuk Cha on the 2nd floor at NEX shopping mall is also tagged child friendly for family diners just for information. We also feature our content partner who reviewed Tuk Tuk Cha's Bedok Point outlet.

Credit: read more!

Two dishes scored 4 out of 5, the Thai fried omelette and olive fried rice. The olive fried rice at Tuk Tuk Cha was generously peppered with black olives providing the definitive flavour profile for the fried rice dish while the omelette was fried crisp and fluffy. The other popular Thai dishes like basil chicken rice and tom yum dishes tasted as they typically would but the pad thai scored a respectable 3.8 out of 5 for its "dazzling flavour".

Credit: @karhingc

Our food instagrammer @karhingc has lots of praise for the generous serving of seafood on the tom yum noodle soup!

Ayam Penyet President

Next on the list of halal food available in NEX Mall is a highly recommended Indonesian food brand Ayam Penyet President, a dependable you-know-what-you-will-get restaurant situated at basement 1.

The full works of spicy, rich tasting Indonesian food is a familiar taste for our local palettes. While the common sentiment is Ayam Penyet President is good at being consistent and on-point with their complementary sauces, chili and gravy, there are notable dishes at Ayam Penyet (besides the grilled chicken thigh it is famous for) that we would like to share with you.

Thanks again to featuring this review of Ayam Penyet President (Sports Hub branch).

Our featured review is from content partner who covered basically every dish any customer should hear about on the menu. Some of these pictures are above, but we do highly recommend to read the review. verdict was the beef rendang from Ayam Penyet President had a robust flavour from the rich spices and the tenderness of the beef chunks and is probably the best dish served, followed by the tahu telor (bean curd omelette with satay sauce) which was slightly crisp and had a soft texture from the bean curd.

Vietnamese and halal? Yes! Super So Pho at Basement 1, NEX mall is also a halal and potentially vegan and/or child friendly restaurant as well. Vietnamese food is often both healthy and delicious, it is difficult to pass on a warm bowl of pho on a rainy day.

Credit: Deelightfullyveg - the famous Mango with Glutinous Rice drizzled with Gula Melaka and sesame seeds

Another of our content partner, Ivan Teh (the RunningMan) reviewed So Pho back in 2014, but his views are still very apt and relevant. In his review, the summarized recommendation is to go for the Goi Cuon Summer Rolls with Prawn and Lemongrass Chicken dish. Ivan says it has an ideal blend of savoury and tender grilled chicken with crunchy vegetables and sweet freshness of prawn in the summer roll.

Credit: Ivan Teh - RunningMan

So Pho happens to also have excellent and filling Banh Mi, the Vietnamese answer to Subway sandwiches. The Banh Mi is a baguette sandwich filled with a meat (chicken, beef or meat balls) and an egg or simply just with local Vietnamese vegetables. To most Singaporeans, the baguette (or 尖头面包 which means pointed edge bun) is associated with dipping in chicken curry and seldom eaten as a sandwich. However, this mouth watering dish is definitely worth trying!

jCredit: Ivan Teh - RunningMan

The beef (bo pronounced "bore" means beef) sandwich (or banh mi) featured above is filled to the brim with vegetables. This is what Mr Ivan Teh raved about the Banh Mi Kep Bo: "I loved the meaty, slightly salty beef, and the satisfying crunch of the bread and vegetables. While I thought it looked small, it's surprisingly filling!"

Street food paradise @penangculturesg is brought to NEX Mall and the rich spicy, tangy flavours of Penang food can be found in Serangoon. The prawn mee (noodle) soup is a must try, but get ready for tissues to pad down the sweat beads! The Penang Lor Mee is another suggested dish but so is the char kway teow.... the list goes on!

Credit: Rachel Cheng

Another halal option at basement 1 of NEX shopping mall, Serangoon Central.

The full halal listing at NEX mall is captured in the picture below, but our Munch Halal Places at Serangoon NEX is available on Munch food listing.

2. Coffee / Cafes in NEX Mall (cafe directory listing on Munch)

The usual suspects and you-know-what-you-get cafes are available at NEX mall, including Toastbox, Yakun, Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf but there are also others that could be a little more of a pleasant surprise.

Teh tarik, teh halia (ginger tea) and all possible combinations of teh (tea) is made available at Prata Wala and of course while you are at it, how about some prata too?

Credit: @esth3r_esth3r

Our instagrammers agree and have wild acclaim for the prata, thosai, naan, murtabak and it goes on and on... oh yes, and with their accompanying dips including @esth3r_esth3r's comment on the colourful coconut and dhal curry chutney (as above)

Credit: @spaceman_sg

Tuk Tuk Cha (again)

Tuk Tuk Cha (mentioned above) has fantastic milk tea and snacks too! Must try signature shibuya toast by @tuktukcha - a soft and buttery warm piece toast served with a spread of cold creamy ice cream and sweet toppings.

Credit: @tuktukcha Shibuya Toast

Credit: @miss_teatime_sg at Jurong Point outlet enjoying good Thai iced milk tea

More of a dessert place for cakes, ice cream and (ice cream) waffles. Andersen's is probably better known as the ice cream of choice at NEX mall. It does have drinks by the way, and quite interesting ones too!

Andersen's of Denmark's ice blended coffee drinks are worth trying including the ice blended mint and ice blended mocha. The yoghurt blends are decent and there is a reasonable variety of tea as well.

Picture below credited to @danieltankc

3. Japanese Food at NEX Mall

There are plenty of places to go for Japanese food. There are about 15 restaurants to choose from including well known brands like Ajisen Ramen, Mos Burger, Pepper Lunch and Ichiban Boshi. For this Munch Japanese food listing, please click on our Japanese food directory link here.

Idaten Udon

Located within the Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street is Idaten Udon at #B1-03. Be your own head chef as you customize the udon to your taste, choose from 3 different udon noodles including matcha (green tea) and Japanese pepper (togarashi) udon, and its accompanying sides like tempura, gyoza, creamy crab croquette and lots more.

Credit: @iamyuxiang on the joys of having 2 meats with his udon!

Credit: @shanicenfood (we thought the carbonara udon was unique enough to get a feature in this article)

Recommend trying the curry, carbonara and mapo base udon, which is a little more uncommon as compared to other udon shops.

Men Men Don Don

Men Men Don Don is a small almost kiosk like shop in B2 Nex Mall selling affordably priced sushi takeaway, Japanese rice (don) and noodles - both ramen and udon. Men Men Don Don's Tonkutsu miso ramen is the must have while eating there. Served with one large piece of chashu this signature ramen tastes springy and immersed in the rich broth. Men Men Don Don offers one of the most affordable and authentic ramen in Singapore and the prices do not include service charge. Doreen Tan @alamakgirl reviewed the Men Men Don Don at Serangoon Nex and Munch is grateful for her inspired picture below!

Credit: @alamakgirl

Another affordable ramen is the teriyaki chicken ramen with the same tasty broth and springy ramen. Picture courtesy of @itsfenny

Credit: @itsfenny

Kabe No Ana (Nex @ #B1-80)

Interested in Japanese pasta? Kabe No Ana would be you answer. This fusion Japanese pasta chain first opened doors in 1950s with it’s a combination of a secret recipe and Japanese spaghetti and its recipe and standards have been kept unchanged even in Singapore. It was the first to use natto (fermented soy bean) and cod roe mentaiko into pasta, creating wafu spaghetti.

Credit: @_belleskyler_

4. Buffet / Steamboat / Hot Pot at NEX Mall

Danro Collagen Hotpot (#02-04/06)

This is one of four outlets by Ministry of Food, MOF. Danro Collagen Hotpot is our featured affordably priced and unique hotpot buffet at Nex Mall, Serangoon.

Credit: @thedollo.o

Credit: @pk_foodeatty

At Danro Collagen Hotpot, the signature kiritanpo (Japanese grilled rice skewers) is a must try, especially when dipped in the chicken milk broth that's brewed for three days. The onsen eggs are another specialty and its broth and fresh meats compensate for the lack of variety. At an average of $25 per person, this is Munch's pick for hotpot at Serangoon Nex.

5. Chinese (and or Cantonese/Dim Sum) Food at NEX Mall

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (@ Nex #B1-46)

We featured Hong Kong Sheng Kee for their liu sha bao (custard bun) and so we had to feature this dessert chain in this article for the no frills but delicious rice dishes, limited dim sum and tasty desserts!

This affordable and convenient shop at Nex Mall serves fast, seldom overly crowded and serves out consistent quality dishes across its menu. No-frills in terms of presentation and ambiance yet packed with value and flavour. Here are some pictures to show for it.

First up is the braised pork rice with preserved vegetables (梅菜扣肉). Fantastic! Followed by the wanton noodles. These 2 dishes are Munch's must try along with the liu sar bao (golden custard bun).

Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice

This new comer to NEX (and Singapore) comes with a big reputation. The Thai Michelin Star award winner Go-Ang Pratunam enters Singapore with an expectant fan base of hungry foodies. Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam started in Bangkok Thailand over 50 years ago, specialising in Hainanese chicken rice. Its long queue lines and staff decked in pink uniform is in itself an iconic sight at Pratunam, Bangkok. Now the same Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient in Bangkok greets you in sunny Singapore in Serangoon Nex.

Opening their first international outlet in Singapore, you can expect their Signature chicken and rice dishes, soup, Signature Braised pork and of course their homemade chilli sauce. Go-Ang is managed by The Minor Food Group Singapore, who has worked out additional dishes including sea bass, vegetables, tofu, desserts besides the chicken rice.

Credit: @the.anne.eater feeling satisfied after this hearty chicken rice dish at Nex Mall.

If one has to go to a Thai restaurant to eat a local favourite dish - chicken rice, I am certain there is good reason to do so! Our content partner Foodgem visited the store and has good reviews about the food.

Credit: FoodGem - Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice | Thailand’s Michelin Award-Winning Chicken Rice Now in SINGAPORE

The chicken rice is a must have, but so is the braised (lu rou) pork which is tender and savoury and with just enough sauce and flavour to complement the chicken rice without overpowering the flavour mix. Those craving a Thai-infused twist to the all too familiar taste of Hainanese chicken rice, head over to Go-ang Pratunam Chicken Rice at NEX Mall to find out more.

Old Street Bak Kut Teh at Nex Mall is the place for authentic local food and the bak kut teh (pork bone tea) pictures speak volumes about why this is a fan favourite.

Credit: @imyuxiang - loving the pork belly!

Credit: @qingxiangsqx - pork galore; the full works neatly presented showing just how tasty this meal is going to be when you head over!

We end the review with blogger ieatandeat's verdict on Old Street Bah Kut Teh (Westgate outlet), titled a Fulfilling Meal, indeed.

"There was no oolong Chinese tea to go along with the fat-laden Bak Kut Teh, however, it was still much a fulfilling meal of the day." Recommended by ieatandeat - pork ribs bak kut soup, you tiao and braised beancurd strip (tau kee).

6. Western Food at NEX Mall

Credit: @shootandspoon

Not sure where to put this but the Fried Chicken Master from Taiwan is a must-feature restaurant for a fast casual dining experience. No pretense, this is pure indulgence for those craving for unhealthy but fried, succulent and juicy goodness! We feature our content partner, @Nahmj review of the Fried Chicken Master below to present Fried Chicken Master in its awesomeness - especially the fried chicken breast Lovely Jimbo (picture below).

Credits: Nahmj "Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master at Nex, Serangoon"

In summary @nahmj provides a succinct verdict which is the flour batter may be thick in general (exception was the fried breast meat Lovely Jimbo) but is slightly sweet and juicy. Special dish mentioned was the Lovely Jimbo, which was a pleasant surprise as chicken breast meat is usually dry compared to the thigh, and it has a crispy yet lighter batter. The ice tea drinks all (coincidentally?) complements the fried chicken dishes served up in this small hole in a wall food kiosk.

At Munch, we would like to feature as much interesting and exciting new places to eat, or dishes to share with our viewers. If you are a content publisher or restaurant owner like us to include more delectable dim sum dishes in our next feature, or any other content, do drop us a suggestion or integrate your content into our platform to syndicate and share more with our viewers. Visit our Munch partner page to join the community of food lovers today!

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