Munch EatBetween Function Guide

Aug 25, 2019

EatBetween is our cool tool to help everyone discover food places for any and every occasion. Meeting friends? Pick a common location convenient for everyone through our unique EatBetween search function which we cheekily claim to beat Google Maps in terms of addressing this specific need - to find places to eat, drink or meet, between multiple parties and our suggestion engine comes content packed with information, reviews and amazing photos too.

So the next time you search for "Food Nearby" or "Restaurants near" a certain place on Google or Google Maps, please think of this option, our Eat Between function. Let's start off with an illustration of how the Eat Between feature works and why we think it is a game changer.

Eat Between, Near or Around Us

The common search for a place to meet starts with asking your friends where they are or will be and where you are. Usually the common suggestions to meet will be somewhere near everyone and pick a spot somewhere in between.

This is done through our website's EatBetween function, or on the Munch App - available on Android or iTunes.

Here's how it looks:

The first step is to enter everyone's location and then suggestions will start to flow. The example above is narrowed to the Serangoon area stretching to Kovan for 3 friends. Instead of searching for food near Serangoon or food near Kovan on Google, one function would be to enter 3 notable landmarks and get started by using Munch's EatBetween. In this situation, even for a small neighbourhood area like Serangoon, Munch has 100+ suggested restaurants for those in the area or nearby.

In most cases, there is a specific purpose or type of food in mind to select which can be further narrowed down from the 100+ suggested restaurants. Here is a picture showing multiple locations further apart and then adding a filter to get for example a "lunch places near Holland Village" and then searching for ideas in Woodlands and in Choa Chu Kang.

Once you select the locations (above) the "See 7 Restaurants" button will click into this page:

The suggestions will then be narrowed from the 7 restaurants to 4 options below near Bukit Panjang and Choa Chu Kang.

The filters can be tweaked as well depending on the occasion and preference. Another option is to revisit the 7 restaurants in between Holland Village, Choa Chu Kang (Lot One) and Woodlands (MRT) and select from what is available.

The tags below the search bar easily helps to filter out the options.

If dissatisfied by the search options, for example simply type over on the search bar itself for a nearby function such as "Lot One Halal" to provide a list of halal places in Lot One. The same can be done for Woodlands Halal or Woodlands MRT Halal in the search bar to have the results displayed accordingly.

In the picture above, we added another option which is to search for child-friendly and halal locations to meet if one of your friends would require. Further narrow down to a budget that is agreeable to you or all your friends. The picture below shows there are over 20 restaurants that are affordably priced if the budget is under $10.

Finally a direct search can be simply done as well. A Holland Village "dum sum" search on Munch threw up 2 Crystal Jade suggestions:

In this manner, the search option tool becomes Munch's fall back plan in case nothing interesting turned up from the EatBetween function.

Munch on Content!

Finally, the deciding factor is usually pictures and reviews. In a nutshell, our content! Through content partners who write their blogs or post lovely pictures on Instagram, we aggregate relevant content mentioned specifically to a restaurant and feature that on our restaurant's page.

Going back to our EatBetween search, Anisah's Kitchen page displayed content which helped the decision making process.

On Anisah's Kitchen available on Munch, our users will get to see something like this.

Our reader can also get an in depth review of Anisah's Kitchen thanks to AspirantSG titled Authentic, Tasty & Affordable Nasi Ambeng in Singapore. Check out AspirantSG's review on Anisah's Kitchen here.

Partner With Us

AspirantSG is one of Munch's Content Partners and we feature our partners regularly as well through various editorials for bloggers and Instagrammers alike. Share a slice of your delicious content with us on Munch at

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