Healthy Food and Salads at Serangoon Nex

Aug 25, 2019

It is bewildering having stayed in this area for many years and it never occurred to me that there is no place at Nex to get a bowl of salad! Or is there? Mind you, if you are going to do this on your own, Munch has listed 149 food places at Nex! So Munch has done a feature of healthy food options for your next meal at Serangoon Nex, and yes, there are salads available there too! In this post, we feature 2 brands with salads on their menu - Stuff'd and The Soup Spoon Union.

First we talk about the good stuff, or stuff'd rather, at basement 2 of Serangoon Nex.

And I mean, besides wraps and tacos, Stuff'd serves up a nutritious and tasty bowl of salad. Here's what I am talking about.

Credits: @fudcrazy #stuffedsg

Stuff'd serves meat and just veggies options and for those who fancy some salmon with the salad, this is highly recommended.

Credits: @colewalks #stuffedsg

The Soup Spoon Union at Nex

Credit: Brendon Zhuo @zijiezhuo

Soup Spoon has a variety of salads to pair with their delicious soups. The must try would be the Soup Spoon caesar salad which is one of the more popular dishes.

We feature more healthy food choices in Serangoon Nex, some of them like Jack's Place also serves salad. Check out our Nex healthy food list!

Here are some other places serving healthy food at Nex that you would be interested in.

1. Greendot, Serangoon Nex

Nestled in the second floor at Nex, Greendot offers delicious healthy and vegan-vegetarian meals in a comfortable setting. Their menu can be found on oddle here. Before Impossible Food and its Impossible Burger arrived en-masse, check out this Lion's Mane Mushroom Burger, taken by our content partner while curating the goodness of Greendot at Paya lebar Square as below.


The final verdict from sums up Greendot in a philosophical manner.

"GreenDot is selling a lifestyle through healthier diets, a place for acquaintances, a place to read a book and enjoy a cup of tea to relax, a concept to allow ones to appreciate about the little things in life." (quoted from the blog titled: "Eat Green Feel Good")

While we are not sure about reading and sipping tea at Greendot, we do agree that the food is anything but bland and tasting of flour, powdery soy or greens. While not the typical healthy salad, Greendot turns healthy into just a normal tasting dish.

Content partner Michelle Nah of seconds the opinion on her blog article here as well. We featured this in our Paya Lebar Square Greendot outlet page (below for details) and in the post, we selected the tom yum soup served with brown rice for being stimulating balance of sour and spicy.

Credit: blog post

We encourage our readers to browse through their extensive review of the places mentioned and if hungry and craving for something healthy, a better way might just be to check it out and form your verdict!

From 149 restaurants and eateries in NEX, we have narrowed the list further for healthy options and they are captured below.

1. Hot Tomato

Better known for affordable and tasty grills, Hot Tomato like most western food restaurants serve salads to complement the heavy protein and carbohydrate rich diet.

Credit: Hot Tomato's menu

A novel idea is to ditch the pasta and just have the protein and greens like our content partner @serenetomato on her tailored Norwegian salmon with mango salsa order.

Credit: @serenetomato

2. Nando's (huh? why?)

I honestly thought we were kidding when Munch listed salads tagged to NEX but that's exactly why we are a food discovery platform isn't it? The closest association on this brand being healthy is its grilled chicken breast dishes and perhaps with corn (arguably) on the side. Don't get me wrong, the rich, strong, tasty and flavourful meals at Nando's are a favourite for me, but I just thought it was a meal for off-days when I'd like to feel good about lunch.

As you see, Nando's isn't tagged "salad" or "healthy" and why should it be? For the creative though, especially on couple outings where one craves a heartier meal, then check out their menu and find out for yourself. Besides the caesar salad and sweet pineapple tropical salad, Nando's offers mushroom wrap and an interesting combination of chicken caesar wrap (800 calories though...). The restaurant's website menu also offers the calorie and nutritional information for each dish, so that's a great way to check out before deciding on your next lunch destination!

3. Jack's Place

Another of @serentomato pictures and on her #eatclean attempt shows just how creative she gets when it comes to watching her health. Amazing, we are impressed! Here's why, think of salad and we think chicken caesar or fish as protein, but Jack's Place has a seafood salad which is light and refreshing!

Credit: @serenetomato

4. Eighteen Chefs

Another odd suggestion and like @soulfoodbites suggests, unless you are game for a heart attack fried rice and think that's healthy, nobody would ever associate healthy food to Eighteen Chefs at NEX.

Credit: @soulfoodbites

Actually, Eighteen Chefs goes beyond the typical flavourful and filling meal expected of them and the restaurant does offer some choices as well.

Do not let the size of this Salad menu blow up hoodwink you! Salad while offered, represents perhaps 10% of the menu in both visibility and by SKU. However, it is still a complete meal although not a typical choice before thinking of heading to Eighteen Chefs.


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