Featured Desserts From Our Lazy Sunday

Aug 25, 2019

Munch started featuring content from our influencer partner @OurLazySunday (https://www.instagram.com/ourlazysunday/) in 2018 and since then, their mouthwatering sunday treats have led many readers salivating! Here are some memorable sweet treats and desserts posted by @OurLazySunday.

R&B Tea Singapore

Titled: Boba-saur

Better known as R&B Tea's Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée, but our take is boba-saur fits the bill!

Titled: Sweet & Salty($20) @ Black Tap

Oozing goodness and overflowing M&Ms topped with a trophy of cream. This picture speaks a thousand words why OurLazySunday does the best Sundae photo ever!

More about Black Tap below:

Sunday Folks for Sunday folks...

Plenty to talk about on a Sunday over soft serve and waffles. Here's what @OurLazySunday has to say:

"Sunday Folks for our lazy Sunday! We got for ourselves the pistachio soft serve icecream with the single waffle ($10.70). This is definitely one of those desserts that actually taste as good as it looks. Packed with so much flavour, each bite just begs you wanting more."

Alas, it has to be Atlas!

We move from ice cream on waffle to ice cream and pancakes!

@OurLazySunday: "It’s so fluffy, I’m going to Die!!! Atlas Coffeehouse Butterscotch Banana Pancake ($18.50) has to be one of the fluffiest pancake, we have ever eaten. While the dish is on the sweeter side, the banana definitely helps to neutralise the flavour. Could be too sweet for some, so best to share it and get a drink to go along with it."

Huge thank you to all our partners for their wonderful contribution to Munch! We look forward to featuring more sweet treats, savoury desserts and great food.

Ice Cream


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