4 Halal Affordable Meals and Deals in Serangoon

Aug 25, 2019

Munch features the top picks for halal food in Serangoon area following our recent feature of recommended restaurants in Nex and healthy food and salad options at Nex. We also featured our 5 halal picks - Tuk Tuk Cha, Ayam Penyet President, So Pho and Penang Culture, healthy halal take away from Stuff'd, in Serangoon Nex Mall.

Asking friends to join you for lunch somewhere nearby like Serangoon?

Munch's EatBetween feature allows friends to share their location, and we pull up a list of ideas based on a central and convenient location for everyone. Narrow the list down to types of food such as "Halal" or "Child-Friendly" places to eat in Serangoon or anywhere in between; we call that the EatBetween. So if you are looking for a place to eat, or to discover a new restaurant for any occasion, check out our Munch App (Android and iOS) or use our EatBetween function to do so!

Simply select your friends locations and yours, and here's a simple example:

Munch EatBetween

Common sense would probably lead us to finding a spot in Serangoon Nex, but there's so much in between to EatBetween! Our restaurant discovery tool allows you and your friends to search for food near you, between all of you or where you are all en route to go.

With over a 100+ searches, in Serangoon (gardens, north and central), Lorong Chuan, Tai Seng, Bartley and Kovan, there's still plenty of options! But our mouth watering, Instagrammer and blog certified reviews and pictures would let your tummy make the decision for you (and your friends of course).

If there is a specific preference for food, such as Halal and to find affordable priced meals, we can further narrow that search down by selecting a budget "$".

EatBetween search results: Serangoon area deals

So for good deals and affordable meals in Serangoon (and its surrounding area), Munch has narrowed that to only 10+ options! The Halal choice would then likely be Fried Chicken Master at Serangoon Nex.

Credit: @shootandspoon

This affordably priced Fried Chicken Master from Taiwan is a must-feature restaurant for a fast casual dining experience. No pretense, this is pure indulgence for those craving for unhealthy but fried, succulent and juicy goodness! We feature our content partners in their pictures above and below to present Fried Chicken Master in its salivating glory.

Credits: Nahmj "Taiwan's Fried Chicken Master at Nex, Serangoon"

The special dish mentioned by @Nahmj was the Lovely Jimbo, a surprise for breast meat to taste crispy and succulent and top that with iced tea drinks sold at Fried Chicken Master, you and your friends will have a satisfying experience.

Munch helps our users uncover deals not just restaurants. For example, we helped narrow down halal food deal options at Serangoon for the ones who would like to go for value-for-money deals.

For example, Chope helps you reserve once you have discovered a restaurant, and you get to access discounted vouchers to purchase prior to paying at the restaurant. That's awesome!

Chope deals for halal food in Serangoon is narrowed down to Seoul Garden, for a sumptuous buffet among friends or family.

Here's our influencer partner @foodiejerm raving about day 9 of going strong on keto diet at Seoul Garden.

How great tasting your buffet is will be determined by how creative you want to get on your grill and soup pot! @foodiejerm went big on meats and spicy kimchi soup to enjoy the cool rainy day weather, but you could conjure up many other alternatives!

What makes this more enjoyable is a cool discount when applied on a Chope reserved voucher. Here's how:

Example: Chope voucher promotion on Seoul Garden at Serangoon Nex

There are other choices for deals including MyFave, ShopBack, Eatigo and others as well.

Finishing off the list of affordably priced halal food restaurants in Serangoon, we have 8 other places to introduce, but here are 2 of them Qi Ji and Long John Silver's.

1. Qi Ji

Picture credits to @wensdelight having a quick dinner at #Qiji with bffs before a movie date.

2. Long John Silver's

Thanks to @dianaaatan for the lovely sharing over her lunch date at Long John Silver's

We hope you found this short 4 restaurant listicle for affordable meals and promotions interesting to you!

At Munch, we would like to feature as much interesting and exciting new places to eat, or dishes to share with our viewers. If you are a content publisher or restaurant owner like us to include more delectable dim sum dishes in our next feature, or any other content, do drop us a suggestion or integrate your content into our platform to syndicate and share more with our viewers. Visit our Munch partner page to join the community of food lovers today!

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