Places to bring the entire family even your pets!

Nov 09, 2019

We have covered pet-friendly restaurants as well as child-friendly restaurants and to some of our readers, their pet is their child and as much part of the family as their sons and daughters are! So we started with the cross matching in our database of both child and pet friendly restaurants and came up with this list of potential places to visit for the entire family!

This old-school eating place suited to family outings. Pets are welcomed at the alfresco dining area while the air conditioned space cools the children and parents. The most interesting is the dog-approved human food menu. Certainly worth sharing a plate just for the experience and human-dog bonding. Actually the beef it up! ribeye strips with potatoes, sweet potatoes beans and rice is appetizing and a must try. I am a personal fan of the 3 little pigs (all day breakfast menu item) which basically is a mesh up of all the good stuff - sausage, bacon, ham, cheese and mushrooms packed into a dish. Tastes predictably awesome.

All day breakfast menu
All day breakfast menu

Menu courtesy of @thegardenslug.

If like me, your child starts the day at 5am, join the 5am club at the Boomarang Bistro and Bar! Breakfast is served at 6am and you'd be surprised just how many have signed up for the exclusive 5am club. For more details on the morning breakfast menu, check out the Boomarang Bistro and Bar's menu here.

Do note that rugby is covered at the bar so it is probably not the best time to visit for the family. However, weekend brunch is always a good idea, as is the early morning breakfast slot.

Besides Ola Beach Club, well covered as a child and family friendly destination, the Trapizza is another family favourite tucked in Sentosa's Siloso Walk, near the Rasa Shangri-la.

The fun of this place is kids get to pick and build their own bento (parental guidance adviced) and down a mega candy floss ice cream!

Miska Cafe at Quay Side Isle is another breakfast and brunch hangout for the family. The pizzas are delicious and highly recommended, and I like the four cheese and the pesto pizza. Miska Cafe has a wide selection in its menu from grilled meats and seafood to healthy rice bowls, ladies and kids menu. Suitable for the diverse needs of the family.

Finally Picotin at Bukit Timah makes the list of pet and child friendly restaurants. The family friendly open air seating provides a refreshing panoramic view of golf course. The restaurant offers enough space for the kids to move about and is a fan favourite for a lazy relaxing Saturday with the family.

View at Picotin
View at Picotin

Image credits: Picotin (website)