From the TAP: A Dessert Place and a Fun Family Hangout

Nov 09, 2019

On our second article since partnering The Asian Parent on The White Rabbit (worth checking out), we would like to present 2 reviews for family friendly restaurants to suit different purposes.

The Asian Parent's featured pizza place for families at United Square, which is a popular destination over the weekends especially for family activities and enrichment. Unfortunately that outlet has closed but you can still get some extra virgin pizzas from the Asia Square outlet.

The Dessert Place Reviewed by TAP:

Introducing Toby's The Dessert Asylum as The Asian Parent's dessert venue of choice for family-friendly surrounding.

The entrance itself looks super appealing. The Asian Parent's Minoli Almeida ventured from the East of Singapore all the way to Boon Lay to get a taste of Toby's The Dessert Asylum and is raving about it in the article previously featured here. Here is an abstract of the review.

Restaurant review: Toby's - The Dessert Asylum

Minoli Almeida

The Asian Parent - Toby's The Dessert Asylum

First up, a special thanks to The Asian Parent for allowing us to feature this article along with the awesome photos that were taken on Minoli's visit to the restaurant. The full article is about a 6 to 7 minutes read, but it is fun to savour! You can find the article here. Note that this was taken at Parkway, which has now closed. The Boon Lay outlet which is every bit as good if not better, has its details listed on top.

Is TOBY’S kid-friendly?

Yes. Very! (with applomb) TAP's author Minoli reviewed the kid's menu with favourites like fish and chips, spahetti bolognaise, pizza squares with ham and cheese (above). Meals can also come with drinks, mains and dessert.

Recommended desserts - Black or White and To-bo or Not To-by

Black or white is an Oreo cheesecake with mocha almond ice cream. Review: "Decadent but delicious" and Minoli loved it very x3 much! Feel the love guys!

It was a good pick and I loved it very (very, very) much. It was very decadent but delicious nevertheless.

The To-by or Not To-by is a 2x layered mudcake with rum and raisin and double chocolate chip ice cream to top it off.

We have featured other Toby's desserts as well, thanks Toby's -The Dessert Asylum!

Split Personality - credit to Toby's The Dessert Asylum

T-Rex: more double chocolate but this time with almond ice cream mudpie. Credits to Toby's The Dessert Asylum.

The fun hangout (in Changi) - The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement has great desserts on their own as well! But The Asian Parent's feature of this child-friendly restaurant is a good place for brunch and lunch with the kids. The article is featured here.

Written by The Asian Parent's

Nalika Unantenne

We picked this picture by Nalika to continue our dessert story. The Coastal Settlement's fun desserts include this $14 Chendol Custard served with popcorn (yes!), french vanilla bean custard, pandan noodles (the green strings above), gula melaka granita, salted caramel peanuts and coconut ice cream. There you go! Nalika's description of the melting pot of tastes is the "perfect harmony to form a delightful medley of sweet Asian tastes and textures." Indescribable otherwise, so we quoted direct from the article.

She liked the buttery taste of popcorn which added a crunchiness and texture to the dessert. The sweet melt in your mouth gula melaka granita paired with coconut ice cream was described as "divine". Heavenly!

Let's proceed backwards to mains.

Fish tacos - rated as awesome! "Really yummy!" to be exact. The Coastal Settlement's fish tacos is a beer batter dory fillet with fennel coleslaw, avocado, cherry tomatoes and Spanish onions topped with cilantro citrus dressing to provide that tangy lemony taste.

Ambience and surroundings

The Coastal Settlement takes its guests through a time capsule as well as an imaginative world of fun and play for the kids. Here's truly why people love visiting this amazing East end of Singapore island - Changi.

Grand interior of The Coastal Settlement

Children's day out!

The antiques and collectibles to complement the dining experience.

Best suited for a lazy Sunday.

Nalika fell in love with the ambience, the outdoor seating and her son was having a blast at the playground. All in all, The Asian Parent's great find - The Coastal Settlement is simply a great getaway and experience for the whole family to enjoy!

Thanks again to The Asian Parent for their contribution of experiences, finding fine food, and for allowing us at Munch to share this to the world! Check out the original articles here (Toby's The Dessert Aslyum) and here (The Coastal Settlement).

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