Cafe Melba: A Great Family Hangout Tucked in Mountbatten

Nov 09, 2019

As part of our partnership between and, we would like to do a special feature for this family friendly brunch, lunch and dinner venue for the family weekend outing - Cafe Melba.

Cafe Melba is tucked away in the Goodman Art Centre, far from the bustle of the city. Getting there may not be easy for those who do not drive or hail a ride, but at the Goodman Art Centre, there usually is ample parking for a fun day out.

The kids will certainly enjoy the bouncing castle on top of the wide open spaces for the family to run around in and slurp down rich and tasty milkshakes while they are up and about.


For adults, the Munch recommends the creative fusion dishes such as their Chilli Crab Pizza and Braised Beef Rendang with fries plus an optional pizza bread on the side.


TheAsianParent recommends the rendang dish as well, as the chilli crab pizza. This is no coincidence, because this signature Singaporean chilli crab sauce topped on a pizza crust is simply delicious and a fan favourite.

This thin crust pizza has soaked in the richness of chilli crab gravy gives you a crunchy texture paired with the distinct flavours of chilli crab sauce and salty chewy cheese. This is the must try dish especially as a sharing plate

The kids will probably indulge in pancakes, but there are also kids favourites like fish and chips.

Cafe Melba: Kid-friendly restaurant review

Published with thanks from TheAsianParent, written by Minoli Almeida

Thanks again to The Asian Parent for their contribution of experiences, finding fine food, and for allowing us at Munch to share this to the world! We have featured Cafe Melba from this original article here. The Asian Parent series called From the TAP also features many child-friendly articles for family activities and food, do check out the series on our homepage.