Behind The Camera

Nikolai Wee (@Nikolai_wee)

Nikolai makes convincing pitches to clients as a sales manager and does the exact same to followers of his Instagram with his stunning food photos. He can afford to chow down on all this food as he's also an avid marathoner. What keeps him going on h

Alex Loh(@sqtop)

Alex is a foodie who loves photography that launched his Instagram page after gaining inspiration from an unlikely source - the Prime Minister of Singapore, PM Lee. Upon hearing that PM Lee himself had an account on Instagram, Alex turned his attenti

Lirong (@lirongs)

Starting in 2010 as a way to document her recipes and share it with the world, Lirong, now a mother of one and with another on the way, found the perfect balance between family and her love of food. She not only snaps pictures of good eats but can wh

Diana Tan (@dianaaatan)

Posting about food came naturally to Diana as a hobby as she loves food and photography. It is ingrained into her to make it a habit to snap pictures of her dishes before tucking in to share with the world! Food photography is such a big part of her

Justin Teo (@justinfoodprints)

Justin spends his day making tough decisions as a financial risk specialist. When the tie comes off, however, he spends his time hunting down the best food spots locally or wherever in the world his work takes him.

Sheryl (@sherbakes)

Sheryl taught herself how to bake by consuming as many blogs, books, cooking shows and videos she could get her hands on. Her passion burning as hot as her kitchen ovens, Sheryl constantly whips up new experimental desserts to share with the most imp

Qing Xiang (@qingxiangsqx)

Qing Xiang is a manager in a local bank who is a self-proclaimed optimist that turned his hobby of eating into an adventure on social media. His newly wedded wife is fortunate to join him on this adventure as Qing Xiang puts in the effort to ensure t

Kenneth Lee (@5meanders)

Kenneth is currently pursuing his Masters of Communications in Boston, taking advantage of the opportunity there to explore the varieties of immigrant cultures and their evolution across America. He believes food goes beyond sustenance, but rather, i

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Edible Editorials

The alter ego's of Michelin-starred restaurants

If queueing up for hours for food deemed worthy by a tyre company isn't your thing, fret not, here are several alternatives that are as good (if not better).

Where I'd go for dinner if I won TOTO

$20 for water? Pour away, baby.

Where to sip coffee and stare out the window

There's nothing like a warm cup of coffee and judging people through a glass window.

Where to bring your date if you want to get l...ots of good food.

Finding the perfect spot for a date can be stressful, you don't want to look like you're trying too hard but you don't wanna look cheap either. You want a place where you can feel comfortable and in your own skin. Here are the best places for you and

Where to eat in Orchard when your bank account goes 'Bruh.'

We all know that feeling...

Featured Desserts From Our Lazy Sunday

Munch started featuring content from our influencer partner @OurLazySunday ( in 2018 and since then, their mouthwatering sunday treats have led many readers salivating! Here are some memorable sweet treats and

Burgers or Bagels?

Featured burger and bagel shots by our Munch content partner @bellybellyful covering Columbus Coffee Co and 2 Men Bagel. Our readers can find @bellybellyful on

The Best Liu Sha Bao (Golden Custard Bun) in Singapore

Think of dim sum and most recall har gao, siew mai, char siew bao and perhaps egg tarts but few would think of the liu sar (or sha) bao, until they bite into to one piping hot, runny salted egg custard filling oozing out of the bun. Our content part